Extra information

As you browsed through this internet site, you might have wondered which ideas my work is based on, and who I am. Here are some texts you can download for free which will hopefully satisfy your curiosity, and maybe, if not already convinced, ignite your interest in my work.


The films within this project are not typical documentaries. The idea to produce these films in this way, grew when I was finishing the ruff cut of the film Earth. At first, this film was intended to be a gift for Birgit van de Wijer, one of the principal characters in the film, and a friend. The idea is to make four different films having their own cinematic languages, which suit the subjects and the titles of the films. Via this artistic choice I want to underline the ideas of subjectivity which lie in the personal view into the cultural encounter. It underlines as well the body of languages within sciences and other ways of thinking. An important point that I want to make is to deny to a certain extend the existence of objectivity.